My mother Margareta Eriksson, was born in the countryside of Sweden as a young girl she grew up on a farm with chickens and kittens. After working many years as a culinary chef Margareta started pushing the limits of what a jam flavor could be. A unique array of flavors that never had been seen got attention and New York came calling, collaborations were created with chefs in New York City. Blue – The Swedish jam company was formed. From our kitchen to your home, Margareta and the rest of us as a family in Blue – The Swedish jam company invite you to be part of this incredible degustation adventure.

In 2016 when we started Blue – The Swedish jam company we had a mission. We wanted to put Sweden on the world map as more then great music production, Scandinavian furniture’s, safe cars and modern designs. We had a goal to show the world that we are a equal to all the major gastronomic countries.

Sweden was one of the major manufacturer of jam in Europe until the 1950th. Hailing from Hälsingland with more then 60 years of tradition and experience of producing the best confiture we twisted that even more and today we want to show the world that we do an exclusive, high end premium jam, but in the Swedish way. Blue is the uncompromising maker, source and developer of Sweden's newest jam.

We only search for the best and unique fruits, berries and plants. From harvesting the freshest seasonal ingredient’s to breaking the seal of the jar and taste the purest flavor. Blue is a fantastic journey of true elements of Sweden in a jar. And by that we at Blue “think outside the box”. Blue is not the world known Swedish word“lagom”, we are more then that... So go ahead, try Blue. We do it differently.