This is how it started

Every year I would see apples rotting on the ground in many gardens and along the roadside. Left there by people who where to busy or old to pick them. So, I started collecting them, freeze them, boil them, pickle them, ferment them, press them.

Anything to find a way to use these great fruits and to share their great potential.

So, in the small village of Odensjö, my wife and I started producing handmade Swedish balsam vinegar. Made from local fruits such as apple, pear, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. The fruit is sourced from the forest, local gardens, fruit exchanges etc. with only the highest quality accepted. The production is handmade and very small. Only around 900 litres are produced every year in total. Small seasonal novelty like batches of apple wood aged Balsamic Ale Vinegar, Birch and Pine Balsamic Vinegar are also produced. We are a Danish/Filipina couple, Henrik, a winemaker & wine merchant and Shine a chef. We mix our passion for nature, food, and wine to create new flavours, old flavours, wild flavours, and sometimes crazy flavours under the motto:

 “Everything is fermentable – Nothing is impossible”